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Article from Jane Magazine September 2000 installed 2/16/01
Various pictures added to gallery 10 on 2/16/01
Article from Out Magazine August 1999 installed 9/20/99
Article from Velocity Magazine August 1999 installed 8/29/99
Two Newspaper Articles one from The Observer - August 1999 the other from New York Times - May 1996 installed 8/26/99
Haven't been updating this page like I should. Created a series of galleries and added a bunch of pictures to them 7/10/99
Link to second "Haunting" trailer installed 6/14/99
Link to Haunting of Hill House Article on "Ain't It Cool News" installed 3/7/99
Picture from Interview Magazine installed 1/19/99
Lili Taylor Quiz created 1/19/99
Article from Interview Magazine January 1999 installed 1/19/99
Picture from Four Rooms installed 1/16/99
Article from Entertainment Weekly November 1998 installed 12/6/98
Article from Minneapolis Star Tribune November 1998 installed 11/30/98

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Anyone and everyone should feel free to link to my page. I'd like to hear from you if you do so I can create a reciprocal link. You can link to (though should work also).
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Author Info

My name is Brady Hegberg. I created this site mainly with a text editor called textpad.
Nowadays however my computer runs Redhat Linux so I use a text-editor called Moleskine. I used to hate web page editing programs because they created very ugly source and because they always screwed up tables. That's not quite as true now but true enough...and I'm used to using a text editor. As far as browsers go I prefer Mozilla (on both Windows and Linux) and that's what I use to view my pages when testing.

If you would like to see my home page it's here.

Thanks To

Lili - for understanding everyone she is.
Andrea - for supplying high school yearbooks with Lili's picture.
Chel - for creating the Lili Taylor Webring.
Veronica - for supplying various pictures and info.
Saskia - for supplying the picture of Lili at Cannes with Mary Harron.
Mucifer - for the copies of Velocity magazine.
Idgie - for getting my back.

This site is

I recommend Llamacom wholeheartedly. They have the cheapest and best web hosting I've ever seen.

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