Say Anything

Say Anything

In High School didn't everyone have obsession movies? Movies you watched over and over again? For some people it was Pretty In Pink or The Breakfast Club. Mine were Better Off Dead and Say Anything. I was a bit bored by Diane (Ione Sky) even though she was more like myself in school than any of the other characters. I mean I was on the Math Team if you can believe it. But as soon as I saw Corey (Lili) on the screen it was instant crush. Every time I would watch the movie I would beg Lloyd (John Cusack): "Dump the bland whitebread girl. Go with Corey instead." Ah, but it wouldn't have worked out - Corey would have just kept pining over Joe. C'est la vie.

Favorite scene: The "Joe Lies" song of course. One of the best film moments from the 80's.

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