I Shot Andy Warhol

I Shot Andy Warhol

This is my favorite Lili Taylor performance. I've been a fan of Valerie Solanas ever since I read The SCUM manifesto (which I read because Kurt Cobain mentioned it) so I was coming at this movie with strong expectations which it didn't let down. Lili changed her accent, the way she moved even her facial mannerisms. She obviously cared deeply about this performance and wanted to get it just right. This should have been her second Oscar win (she should have also won best actress for Dogfight.) One other thing that comes to mind about this film is that I loved Lili with short hair - I wish she'd keep it short more often.

Favorite scene: The scene that mainly comes to mind is of Valerie out on the streets trying to hustle up some money by giving people something they don't normally get: interesting conversation. What I wouldn't give to experience one of those conversations.

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Won The Golden Space Needle Award at the Seattle Film Festival (1996)
Won Best Actress at Stockholm Film Festival (1996)

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