I saw illtown on the Friday it opened and enjoyed it. It was shot in a style that reminded me vaguely of Robert Rodriguez's El Mariachi (or maybe Arizona Dream or maybe Resevoir Dogs ... OK it's hard to describe...) Unfortunately Lili wasn't in as much of the movie as I would have liked so her character didn't get as well developed as it could have. The best scene she had was when confronting her boyfriend (Rappaport) after he indirectly caused the death of one of the guys that worked for him. She asks him "How you gonna sleep?...You gonna sleep OK after this?" Maybe not in the words but in her tone of voice was the perfect expression of the after effects of violence and guilt. My favorite character other than Lili was Cisco (Kevin Corrigan) who some people may remember as the star of Kicked in the Head.

Synopsis:  After mid-level Miami drug dealers, Micky (Taylor) and Dante (Rapaport),  opt to leave the successful business they created as teens to start a family, a vengeful past associate (Trese) shakes up their comfortable world.  Before this couple can leave the suburban drug trade, it must first struggle to survive the ghosts of its past.

Details: The illtown premiere was Wed. Jan. 14th 1998 at the Loews Village VII in New York City. The film opened on Friday, Jan. 16th 1998 at the Village East in New York City. The film went wide Jan. 30th 1998. The film also stars Michael Rapaport, Kevin Corrigan, Adam Trese, Isaac Hayes, Tony Danza, and Angela Featherstone. Director: Nick Gomez (Laws of Gravity, New Jersey Drive). Production Company: The Shooting Gallery (Sling Blade)

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