Household Saints

Household Saints

This movie is sort of a sad but heartwarming fable. Along the lines of Princess Bride but more realistic and based on Catholic iconology. Lili makes a wonderful saint. I think this movie poses the question, "should you be sad or happy for someone who is happy because of a delusion?" Actually though, the movie never quite determines if she is having delusions or not, that is left for us to decide. Some people I've talked to are annoyed by this lack of determinacy, they would prefer things more cut and dried. It didn't affect my appreciation of the film however and I would recommend it, especially to anyone who has seen the beauty and the sadness in self sacrifice.

Favorite scene: I guess the scene where she meets Jesus. The look on her face, as if she's gone insane and she knows it, and is happy about it. Perhaps that's just my imagination but she is transformed...

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Won The Independent Spirit Award for Best Supporting Female (1994)

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