Girls Town

Say Anything

This movie has driven many people from just barely being aware of who Lili is to being true Lili Taylor fans - and I can see why. Of all Lili's movies I think this one comes closest to showing Lili as she really is with no mask. This is the movie I want my daughter to watch when she gets old enough to understand it. Lili and her co-stars ad-libbed a significant part of this movie so it makes sense that it reveals more about them than most movies would. This also explains why Lili and the other stars are credited with co-writing the film.

Favorite scene: Let's see...I guess it would be the scene where Lili is walking through the park with her friend and this guy whistles at her and she walks up to him and starts chewing him out for it. (Go Lili...go Lili...)

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Poem read by one of the characters in Girl's Town.

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Nominated for Best Supporting Female at Independent Spirit Awards (1997)
Won Special Jury Award for Outstanding Collaborative Merit at Sundance Film Festival (1996)

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