Arizona Dream

Arizona Dream

This is my favorite Lili Taylor movie but it may have less to do with Lili than with the director (Emir Kusterica) who's vision of the world is uniquely poetic. Lili is vulnerable and crazy yet strong in this role, a combination that few actresses could pull off. Her characters actions seem to be disconnected from any motivations yet every thing she does is resonant on an emotional level. When she plays with her turtles on the dinner table, plays the accordian or plays Russian roullete with Johnny Depp's character it doesn't mean anything beyond the emotions it brings forth in the viewer.

Favorite scene: This movie has so many great scenes it's hard to narrow it down. I can prune it to three though. The scene where Johnny is pounding a stake into the ground and every time he hits it the dog barks. The scene where Johnny and Lili kiss. The scene where Lili extorts Johnny to shoot her then plays Russian Roulette with him.

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