These questions were asked after a performance of "Dead Eye Boy" in New York on April 28th 2001. The questions were asked by members of the audience. In the cases where the questioner is known it is noted.

Disclaimer: These questions and the answers are not recorded verbatim. They were written down after the event and they may be inacurate in a number of ways. The answers do not necessarily reflect Lili Taylor's real views.

Q: This is such an intense play how do you decompress afterward? (Amanda's mom)
A: Well, I walk home. I make myself some coffee <laughs> which probably isn't so good and I just sort of...<stares straight forward in a vegetative state>...

Q: When is "Slipping Down Life" getting released?
A: Oh so many of my other things which are captured in limbo. It's hard to say. The producer is a lunatic. The director and I tried everything to get it released. We talked about going to her house and actually stealing the cans. <smile> But we'd get in too much trouble.

Q: When is the Janis movie happening?
A: <Shakes her head sadly> Not going to happen. The rights were bought by someone else. I suppose I could go over and audition but I'm not even on that list.

Q: How did "Three Sisters" come about? So much talent on one could they afford it?
A: Everybody got paid the same...whatever the wage is... Scott, the director, just has this talent for getting people. He should be a casting director. You talk to him and it just seems so want to get on board.'s Chekov.

Q: How did "Arizona Dream" come about?
A: I met Kusterica. I don't know how many here are familiar with him but he's this Bosnian director. And he just captivated me. We spent a year in Kusterica's world which is's a wild place. And things happened. Shooting stopped and started again months later. Faye Dunoway and Jerry lewis were...<hits fists together>. We went 7 or 8 million dollars over...

Q: How did you prepare for the part of a crack addict (in "Dead Eye Boy")?
A: I guess I just took that energy. I mean I never took crack <everyone laughs> but I've seen people. I saw this woman on the lower east side and I took those movements. Maybe someone will come see this show who was a real addict and tell're a sucky addict...

Q: I've read that you were depressed when you were younger. How did you overcome this to become such a talented and happy person?
A: Oh...I had the blues at times like everyone else but I wasn't, you know, seriously depressed. It was just one of those things that I got over.

Q: Are there any particular actors who influenced you? Stage or screen? Or do you try to draw every performance from within yourself? (Brady)
A: There are some people I remember hearing about growing up. Geraldine Page...Bette Davis...they influenced me to become an actor. But I think you can't take too much from another...

Q: Can I hug you? (Amanda)
A: Sure. <Comes to front of stage and hugs Amanda.>

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