Lili in Jane magazine
"I think my work is solid. I've shown up and worked hard and I feel proud. I'm definitely walking my talk. But my style has changed as my career has evolved. I wore Sassoon jeans in high school and that embarrasses me. Everyone was dressing preppy and I wasn't. I wore a lot of black. I'm more comfortable now. A few years ago I wouldn't have [been seen in] much color or vintage clothes. Now I wear all that '60s and '70s stuff. I love clothing that has history to it, but I don't think there's anything about my style that's timeless. Except that I think I'll always wear my grandma's nylon robe."

What she's up to: Assuming the role of a cultural anthropologist this fall on NBC's new series Deadline. Switching gears to play a Jersey housewife/Courtney Love's romantic interest in the flick Julie Johnson, out this spring.

Lili kicks back in a Michael Stars T-shirt (also worn by Bjork and Janeane), a John Galliano coat and her own Shoshanna skirt. Hair: Marco Santini/Kramer and Kramer Makeup: Ana Marie for Aveda

Wanna cop these ladies' styles? Hot foot it to Who Needs a Stylist? on page 215 to locate the goods.


Jane Magazine
September 2000 - Page 159
copyright Fairchild Publications, inc.

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