Lili in Entertainment Weekly
"Lili's both extremely serious and extremely unserious -- which is what gives her so much depth. She comes prepared, but there's always something subversive and impulsive about her."
David Duchovny

She's a master of the damaged, the insecure, and the shockingly unstable. At 31, Taylor has proved herself an accomplished humanist in films as diverse as the tough-to-take Girls Town, Ron Howard's Ransom (as one of the kidnappers of Mel Gibson's child), and I Shot Andy Warhol (as the shooter). Whether her characters are confused or shattered, she graces each one with an arresting, worldweary wisdom. DON'T MISS Household Saints (1993), Girls Town (1996), I Shot Andy Warhol (1996) NEXT The Haunting of Hill House, directed by Jan De Bont (1999)

Lili Taylor

From Entertainment Weekly - November 27, 1998 page 37

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